Can Jamie Foxx’s ‘Robin Hood’ Co-Star Out Sing Him?

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Can Jamie Foxx’s ‘Robin Hood’ Co-Star Out Sing Him?

Watch Taron Egerton flex his vocal chops as they discuss their new action film.

Published November 21st

Jamie Foxx's latest movie release, Robin Hood, just hit theaters, but in addition to the actor's already revered prowess in film, he is also respected in the musical space, given his impressive vocal talents.

However, who knew one of the Oscar-winner's co-stars would be able to match him in the singing department?

While promoting the film, Foxx sang his co-star Taron Egerton's praises, claiming he is quite the talented vocalist, himself.

After the two tried to recall the moment he first noticed Egerton's hidden talent, the Kingsman: The Secret Service star burst into song, and the results were positively shocking.

"This is what I'm trying to tell you," Foxx boasted.

See him flaunt his impressive vocal chops, above.

Robin Hood premieres in theaters, today (November 21).

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images)


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