Offset's Alleged Mistress Accuses Rob Kardashian Of Betraying Her In Scathing Rant

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Offset's Alleged Mistress Accuses Rob Kardashian Of Betraying Her In Scathing Rant

Summer Bunni claims he leaked a text message exchange between them.

Published January 21, 2019

Here's something no one saw coming.

Summer Bunni, the woman revealed to reportedly be Offset's alleged mistress, has now set her sights on Rob Kardashian, who she claimed betrayed her trust by leaking text messages containing confidential information she shared with him to the media.

In a three and a half minute video obtained by The Blast, Summer Bunni accused Rob of spitefully seeking revenge against her for putting him in the friend zone. In her profanity-laced rant, she directly addressed the father of one, sharing that she thought he was a real friend.

"You mad because I'm not giving you no p***y? And then you try to butter me up like you f*****g care?" she yelled in the video. "You just wanted to f**k. You wanted to f**k and you didn't get that s**t and I didn't give it to you, and now you want to put s**t out because you're getting your comeback of 2019?"

Continuing with her explosive tirade, Summer Bunni said she thought the former reality star was honestly trying to give her some sound advice as opposed to showing her "fake love."

"The fact that you were supposed to be my friend, and somebody that was giving me advice," she added.  "And then you wanna go and put a story out to put me back through the same s**t that I was explaining to you about? You show fake love!"

According to the Instagram model, Rob comforted her after the story of her being the Migos member's mistress broke.

Rob has remained mum on the entire ordeal.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/WireImage)


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