Liam Neeson Went On Live TV To Insist ‘I’m Not Racist’ – And Twitter Gives No F**ks

Irish actor Liam Neeson arrives at the premiere of 'Widows' at the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario, September 8, 2018. (Photo by Geoff Robins / AFP)        (Photo credit should read GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

Liam Neeson Went On Live TV To Insist ‘I’m Not Racist’ – And Twitter Gives No F**ks

Robin Roberts confronted him on his recent comments on "GMA" about wanting to kill Black men.

Published February 5th

Following Liam Neeson's horrifyingly disturbing comments about once desiring to kill Black men, the actor appeared on Good Morning America where he chatted with Robin Roberts about the now infamous interview and admission.

While addressing the racist revenge story he shared at a recent press junket, the actor doubled down on his personal sentiment that he is not racist and stressed that those thoughts date back four decades.

"I'm not racist," he said during the eight-minute segment. "This was nearly 40 years ago."

These words come after Neeson, while promoting his new film, Cold Pursuit, in the U.K., revealed to The Independent that he once went out in Ireland to seek revenge in the form of murdering a random Black man after a close friend of his claimed she was raped by someone Black.

"I remembered an incident nearly 40 years ago where a very dear friend of mine was brutally raped and I was out of the country," he recounted to Roberts. "And when I came back, she told me about this. She handled the situation with herself and the rapist incredibly bravely, I have to say that, but I had never felt this feeling before, which was a primal urge to lash out. I asked her, 'Did you know the person?'... No. His race? She said he was a Black man."

He then said he scouted "Black areas in the city looking to be set upon" so he could "unleash physical violence."

The Taken star said he did so "maybe four or five times" before he realized what he was doing.

In response to the warranted outrage his initial comments sparked across social media, Neeson said he did "seek help" by going to his priest for confession and speaking with two close friends about his urges. 

When Roberts directly confronted the actor about the fact that he asked his friend specifically about the color of her attacker's skin as opposed to his size, weight and other features, he said he did ask those questions. However, they failed to come up when he was initially recounting the scenario.

When the journalist asked Neeson to share what the teachable moment from this situation was to him, he claimed he hoped for others "to talk about these things" before turning the question on her.

"The one point I want to make out is that this wasn't discovered by somebody. You admitted this," she said. "This wasn't a 'gotcha' [moment]. So, I will give you credit there, but also having to acknowledge the hurt, even though it happened decades ago, the hurt of an innocent Black man, knowing he could've been killed for something that he did not do because of the color of his skin."

She ended their interview with these words: "You have to also understand the pain of a Black person hearing what you said."

Take a look at the clip, below:

  1. Despite his adamancy that he is not racist, Twitter and viewers of the interview felt that his actions said otherwise. Take a look, below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)


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