MariahLynn Reveals She 'Spent The Night' With Rich Dollaz Right After He Humiliated Her During The 'L&HH' Reunion

MariahLynn Reveals She 'Spent The Night' With Rich Dollaz Right After He Humiliated Her During The 'L&HH' Reunion

"We’ve been together ever since and that’s that."

Published March 22, 2019

Love & Hip Hop cast member MariahLynn found herself as the latest project for Internet critics after she was scolded by her cast mate  Rich Dollaz for airing out his personal business during the latest season's reunion.

While she claimed she was "very much in love" with the notorious player during the taping, viewers pitied her as it was apparent that Rich didn't feel the same. Now, with some time passing since the explosive moment, the reality starlet is speaking out about what happened later that night, and it's sure to make fans question her self-worth even more.

As previously reported, MariahLynn shocked both her cast mates and fans when she opened up about her secret eight-year long romance with the "Creep Squad" boss. In the moment, she even boldly shared details about his personal life that he made known was not her place to reveal.

"Unfortunately, when he found out he had diabetes, he got a vasectomy and we have been talking about kids for a while, so we're trying to see about this reverse thing when he's ready," she said as the audience and the cast gasped in shock. "I love Rich very much. I am very much in love with him."

In response to her bold claims, Rich chastised her before the other cast members.

"You don't have no right to sit on this stage and talk about my disease," he said. "Shut the f**k up and let me speak."

Now, in a recent interview with VH1, MariahLynn shared that, despite the major public embarrassment her "lover" inflicted on her, she chose to take him back.

"I was in his room that night. We spent the night together," she said, referring to the evening of the reunion taping — February 13. "I woke up with him on Valentine's Day and he drove me to my hotel so I could go to the airport and we've been together ever since and that's that."

MariahLynn... Girl...

That's not all. She even defended him dismissing her feelings in the same breath, adding that she was just "speaking out of emotion."

"I'm a woman and we tend to deal with feelings and emotions more than pride, which is what I feel like men tend to deal with," she continued. "After going upstairs I did see him go and address it and clarify that he does love me to death and his intentions weren't to embarrass me, he was just a little taken back by what I was saying. I think I was speaking out of emotion."

She also made it a point to stress that their cast mates "have absolutely no idea what Rich and I have been through throughout our journey."

In case you missed it, take a look at the explosive moment that sparked the drama, below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

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