'Coming To America' Sequel: Akon Tells Eddie Murphy He Needs One Thing To Get It Right

'Coming To America' Sequel: Akon Tells Eddie Murphy He Needs One Thing To Get It Right

The highly anticipated film also recently recruited this Oscar-winning treasure.

Published April 11, 2019

The sequel to the 1988 classic film Coming to America is confirmed to be under way, with photos of the cast including the likes of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall appearing on social media. 

While specific details on the film's plot and updated cast are yet to be revealed, one person has a suggestion that he hopes those overseeing the film's casting would take into consideration.

TMZ recently caught up with Akon, who stressed that African actors and comedians should be included in the forthcoming film.

"I love the fact that they're using the Black Panther concept, because Black Panther opened up a whole other avenue for people to want to be educated more on Africa," he said. "One thing I would recommend, though: make sure to put, and I don't know, I haven't seen the casting yet, but I would recommend them cast some African comedians and African actors because, in Africa, as you know, the film is huge."

The Senegal native went on to explain why excluding the culture that is being expressed in the film would be a disservice.

"To expose some of those actors and comedians, you have to," he continued. "There's no way you could do Coming to America without adding somebody like Michael Blackson, who's African and one of the most funniest African comedians out there, and he's well known in America so this is a way to really merge the two cultures together with African-Americans and Africans can really do something on a huge scale."

Take a look at his full explanation, below:

Akon's words come at the perfect time as the film's two leading men, Murphy and Hall, were spotted getting fitted by Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter (Black Panther).

Take a look at the photos she shared of their fitting, with the addition of a special guest, below:

Do you agree with Akon's suggestion?

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from left: Christian Alminana/Getty Images for Cannes Lions, BG015/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)


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