Safaree Tells His Uncle’s Murderers To ‘Rot In Hell’

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Safaree Tells His Uncle’s Murderers To ‘Rot In Hell’

“I am numb right now...this sh*t hurts.”

Published August 24th

Written by Paul Meara

Safaree Samuels and his family are reportedly in mourning. On Twitter, the rapper/actor claimed three people killed his uncle and that they were subsequently tried and convicted of the crime.

“The 3 people who got caught for killing my uncle all just got life In Prison… the story is so crazy,” he wrote. “They sent a girl in to poison him and when that didn’t work they rushed the house and stabbed him to death. Rot in hell you pieces of s**t!!!”

Previously, Safaree had taken to Instagram to reflect on how much his uncle meant to him. “You were always so proud of me and proud I was your nephew… I’m Numb right now.. I’m only doing this because I want to bring awareness to some1 killing my uncle vern Vincent Roper and getting them caught,” he captured under a picture of his uncle, which has since been deleted. “Palmdale California isn’t that big of a place so I know someone knows what happened and you will be caught. My last uncle in America man I can’t believe this…this s**t hurts. The last pic he sent me. Can’t remember the last time I felt pain like this. Can’t stop crying.. everything I do is gonna be for you. #palmdale #california.”

TMZ previously reported that Safaree was grieving his uncle’s murder and that he was stabbed to death.

Our thoughts are with Safaree and his family during this difficult time.

Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images for AMP Energy


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