Evelyn Lozada's Restraining Order Request Against 'Basketball Wives' Co-Star OG Chijindu Gets Denied

Evelyn Lozada, OG Chijindu.

Evelyn Lozada's Restraining Order Request Against 'Basketball Wives' Co-Star OG Chijindu Gets Denied

The two have had major beef over the past few months.

Published October 10, 2019

Written by Moriba Cummings

Evelyn Lozada was rumored to be considering filing a restraining order against her Basketball Wives co-star Ogom "OG" Chijindu. Turns out, she went through with it -- but the result didn't turn out as she probably hoped. Recent reports show that the reality TV vet, who also filed a lawsuit against Chijindu over a series of tweets, was denied the order by a judge.

According to TMZ, Lozada filed the temporary restraining order in the midst of a feud on the latest season of Basketball Wives with Chijindu that has since reached new heights in the past few weeks.

Lozada sued OG, claiming Chijindu called her a "racist bigot" on social media in response to a cryptic social media post from Lozada, dating back to September.

"Nobody watches you harder than the people that can't stand you," Lozada posted on her Instagram Story, along with a photo of a laughing orangutan.

Taking offense to the post and presumably thinking it was aimed at her, OG took to Twitter to clap back at her nemesis with one of her own.

"Wow so now Black women are monkeys," she wrote. "Everyone boycott this trash box you are disgusting." She also made reference to other occasions when the Livin' Lozada star called other members of the cast racist names like "Ling Ling" and "Cockroach."

While OG didn't tag Lozada in the post, fans connected the dots easily:

Lozada claimed that OG's racist labeling was unwarranted and proceeded to sue her for defamation and infliction of emotional distress. She filed for the temporary restraining order shortly after filing the lawsuit, but was swiftly denied by the court.

TMZ reports that, when denying her restraining order, the judge stressed that the matter is "more appropriately handled through the lawsuit Evelyn already filed."

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