Tamar Braxton Rants About ‘Completely Offensive’ Backlash Over Homophobic Comments

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Tamar Braxton Rants About ‘Completely Offensive’ Backlash Over Homophobic Comments

The reality star seems to have retracted her apology.

Published November 14th

Written by Moriba Cummings

Tamar Braxton was recently called out after making a blanket statement about heterosexual men. On her Instagram Story, she claimed that straight men who don't touch their partners for several days must be gay.

The reality star's comments were met with scrutiny from members of the LGBTQ community who slammed her for weaponizing homosexuality while claiming to be an ally of the group.

Now, after admitting that her comments were "stupid," the "Love & War" singer has returned to social media with another heated rant about the backlash.

As previously reported, Tamar first backtracked on her remarks after a Twitter user urged her to take heed of a comment that explained why she initially appeared "queer antagonistic."

On Wednesday (November 13), Tamar went on a rant in an attempt to defend herself against those who say her claim of being an ally to the LGBTQ community is all a farce.

"This is what we are NOT going to do. I wasn't FORCED to apologize for ANYTHING!!" she tweeted. "Let's state FACTS!! I have OPENLY been a part of the lgbt community since the 4th grade! My ENTIRE staff is as well!! And I will continue 2 support. But I will also make FACTUAL statements about MY LIFE."

She added that the claims of her offending her queer friends and loved ones are "ridiculous" and are "completely offensive."

In a now-deleted tweet, she said that she received a phone call where she was accused of being homophobic, which seemingly set off her rage. She even threatened to expose the person who called her in the spirited tweet.

"Because of desperate click bait I just got an interesting call accusing me of being 'homophobic,'" she wrote. "WTF??!! I'm HIGHLY offended especially since I am A BIG supporter!! STOP PLAYING WITH ME! Shall I @ them... Maybe they are the ones [who are] homophobic. I AM NOT PERIODT!"

After questioning whether women's rights are still a priority, she stressed that she refuses to be silenced before claiming to give the caller 20 minutes to "make it right."

Nothing has come of her words since her tweets were posted.

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