Fizz Implies That Moniece's Mental Health Is Why He Should Have Full Custody Of Their Son

Fizz Implies That Moniece's Mental Health Is Why He Should Have Full Custody Of Their Son

“Be fully accountable that you’re not mentally right.”

Published December 17, 2019

Written by Alexis Reese

During part two of the Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood Reunion things got heated between Fizz and Moniece Slaughter. The two have been on a relationship roller coaster since the start of their kinship, but they took another tumultuous turn on Monday (Dec. 16). Fizz alluded that Moniece wanted to give away full custody of their son to him because of her mental health.

It was first understood that Moniece had an issue with Fizz and his new flame, Apryl Jones, but now the narrative seems to have drastically shifted. An intense exchange between Moniece and Fizz, things escalated when she said that she needed him to step up to the plate to be more present when it comes to taking care of their child.

“I don’t feel right. I don’t ask you to take care of me. I don’t ask for sh*t. I just really needed support for the baby” she said. 

Fizz responded, “I take care of my child, but what I’m not going to do is enable you with your unhealthiness anymore when it comes to my child.”

Visibly upset, Slaughter said that she did not appreciate that Fizz talks down on her when she has been attempting to communicate with him.

“I’m in a bad space emotionally. The medication isn’t working. I gotta figure it out. I thinking of checking into a treatment center. You are part of the problem,” she said,

Fizz quickly said, “You want to take full accountability, be fully accountable that you’re not mentally right and that you can’t be a parent on your week. So you want me to take our child. Say it. Say it.” 

The back and forth continued when Moniece tried to approach Fizz on the stage but was held back by security.  

She later brought up a previous conversation that the two had. “When I said that I am having an emotional breakdown in my laundry room right now and I don’t even know the f*ck why, I might need help with Kameron this weekend,” she said from across the stage.  

Unbothered Fizz responded, “Nah. It was your week.”

He later tried to clean up his comment when he explained to Moniece that he wanted her to get the help that she needed while he has full custody of their son. He also claimed that when she was in a better mental state, the two could proceed with joint custody. 

Although a full resolution was not reached during the reunion, the audience, members of the LHHH cast and host Nina Parker did conclude that the Moniece and Fizz really do love their son. 

You can watch the clip below.

(Photo: VH1)


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