Oprah Gets Called Out For Blatant Humblebrag – And Her Reaction Is Priceless

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 7: CBS This Morning Co-Anchors Gayle King, Anthony Mason, and Tony Dokoupil interview Oprah on her new Book Club Selection, "Olive, Again" with author Elizabeth Strout. (Photo by Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)

Oprah Gets Called Out For Blatant Humblebrag – And Her Reaction Is Priceless

“From our front yard to yours!”

Published December 27, 2019

Written by Alexis Reese

Christmas Day on social media is a time for families to show off the joyous times with their loved ones, often sporting matching Christmas sweaters, pajamas or hats.

From Dwyane and Gabrielle Union’s family Polaroid in Maui to Ciara and Russell Wilson's playful holiday photo, celebs are always trying to outdo each other to keep the holiday theme alive.

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But the multi-hyphenate billionaire Oprah Winfrey took her Christmas family photo to a whole new level this year. The 65-year-old media executive uploaded to her Instagram on Thursday (Dec. 26) a snapshot of her family from their front yard — which looks more like a national park.

She captioned the picture, “Wishing you all so much Merry from our front yard to yours!”

Talk about the not-so-subtle flex! Grandiose mountains and trees took over half of the former talk show host’s “front yard.”

Four precious pups, her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, her best friend and CBS co-host, Gayle King, and more of her loved ones stood smiling side by side in the portrait. 

A follower on the account was quick to call out the entrepreneur’s humblebrag, saying “That was a slight flex on us. I don’t have no view like that from my front porch.”

Winfrey then responded that she meant no harm and misspoke, but her flex and somewhat subtle shade was still very much present. “No flex intended. Shoulda said my front porch.”

Other comments flooded in, responding to the media mogul’s choice of words and photo-op background. “*faints* Lord I see what you did for Oprah! Do it for me in 2020 lawd! 😍,” one follower said. “Lol Oprah always reminding us how poor we are,” said another. 

What a view she does have!

Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images


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