How Kobe Bryant’s Second Fantasy Novel Was Created From 5,000 Text Messages

How Kobe Bryant’s Second Fantasy Novel Was Created From 5,000 Text Messages

Author Wesley King reminisces on collaborating with the NBA Legend.

Published March 27th

Written by Alexis Reese

Following Kobe Bryant’s 2019 bestselling young-adult novel "Training Camp," his second book Season One from his sports fantasy series Wizenard is set for release on March 31. 

Wesley King, Bryant’s creative partner and author, says the NBA icon was more involved than people might think.

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As the duo brainstormed their visions for the "Wizenard" stories, he says the former Los Angeles Lakers dedication to his novels was immeasurable, according to People.

"The Wizenard" series, created by Bryant and written by King, follows the story of the Fairwood Community Center’s inner-city basketball league, the West Bottom Badgers,  who are in need of a coach to help them reach each of their full potentials on the court. Coach Rolabi Wizenard is inspired by Bryant’s mentor and former head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson.

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“There were many weeks where it was two, three, four phone calls a day, and 5,000 text messages. Kobe texted more than anyone in history of existence,” King recalls. “He would call about something incredibly obscure, literally about what a guy [in the chapter] was wearing, like one sentence, and would be very laser-focused in on this.”

King was reportedly scheduled to fly out to L.A. to start on their next book project the day following Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash in late January. 

“He wanted to be remembered as a storyteller,” King said.

"The Wizenard Series: Season One," published by Bryant’s multimedia company, Granity Studios, hits shelves March 31.

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