Viola Davis’ Homemakeover For Cancer Survivor Will Bring You to Tears

Viola Davis’ Homemakeover For Cancer Survivor Will Bring You to Tears

With the help of HGTV’s Property Brothers she brought some joy into a friend’s life.

Published April 28th

Written by BET Staff

Actress Viola Davis drew tears during an episode of HGTV’s new show Celebrity IOU when she surprised a dear friend with a homemaker fit for a star.

The How To Get Away With Murder star joined with Property Brothers twins Drew and Jonathan Scott to do a complete home renovation for her friend Michelle who is a breast cancer survivor, according to People magazine.

"I call her my sister from another mister. I’m excited that I’m the one that’s giving this to her," Davis told the Scott brothers.

Davis and Michelle reportedly became friends years ago when the two studied acting at The Juilliard School in New York. They both went on to work in theater and eventually parted when Davis took her career to Los Angeles, moving on to a successful career in television and film, while Michelle went to Minneapolis to settle down with her family.

"She's one of those people that moves through life giving, giving and giving," said Davis. "She’s helped me through some bad relationships. She’s helped me when I've been stuck in life. She’s helped me in a way when I never had anyone to talk to." 

In the episode, Davis and the Scott developed a beautiful design concept that emphasizes family, connection, and Michelle’s passion for music. 

Davis said it was something she was happy to do for her friend because of the kind of person she is.

“I understand the givers in the world—I really do,” the actress shared. “Every once in a while, I think the giver can get exhausted and drained and depleted and needs to be reminded that they’re a gift to people too. So, this renovation of Michelle’s home is my gift to her.”

Photo Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for L'Oréal Paris


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