Bevy Smith Opens Up To Tamron Hall About A Heartbreaking Loss During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Bevy Smith Opens Up To Tamron Hall About A Heartbreaking Loss During Coronavirus Pandemic

The fashionista’s father, Gus Lee Smith, was a World War II veteran.

Published April 29th

Written by BET Staff

Bevy Smith is a celebrated fashionista and pop culture expert known for her big personality. 

However, she recently spoke with Tamron Hall about a heartbreaking loss she endured during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Smith’s father, a World War II veteran, reportedly passed away in a nursing home. Gus Lee Smith was 95.

Tamron Hall interviewed Bevy Smith on April 28. The SiriusX radio host explained she was about to take her father out of the nursing home but then the pandemic hit. 

“We had to make a really tough decision, which I know a lot of families are battling,” Smith shared. “Do we take our family members out of these rehabilitation centers, out of these nursing homes and bring them home? And then we have to fear, will we be able to get quality care for them because now it's a pandemic.”

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Bevy Smith also shared that her father’s funeral was especially challenging because everyone had to social distance and her mother could not be near anyone.

Smith is now calling for change in the way patients are cared for in nursing homes after the experience of losing her father. 

“They don't have the kind of government interaction that we would like, which is another thing I'm going to be advocating for -- these rehab facilities and nursing homes should have patient advocates for every single patient… Except for the kind nurses and the certified nurses assistants who took the time, we could not get my dad. We couldn't call the front desk and call his floor. We couldn't get in touch with the social worker towards the end. It's not okay and again, I'm not blaming them. I'm just concerned about the people that are suffering there.”

Watch a clip from this important interview below.

For the latest on the coronavirus, check out BET’s blog on the virus, and contact your local health department or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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