During ‘RHOA’ Reunion Finale Yovanna Reveals NeNe’s Alleged SnakeGate Role

During ‘RHOA’ Reunion Finale Yovanna Reveals NeNe’s Alleged SnakeGate Role

The new star of the popular reality Tv franchise says: “I have receipts, I have text messages."

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 26, 2020 / 09:23 AM

Written by BET Staff

Part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion came to a close on Sunday evening (May 24). 

And despite NeNe Leakes’ absence, the RHOA OG was on everyone’s mind. 

The popular reality TV star’s alleged role in “snakegate” was finally addressed thanks to newcomer Yovanna Momplaisir who revealed all of the details surrounding the drama that someone recorded Cynthia Bailey talking behind Leakes’ back during season 12. 

With no audio surfacing and only rumors circling, Momplaisir joined the virtual reunion finale to clear her name after she was targeted by the rest of the cast claiming she was the one who recorded Bailey. 

Yovanna said that NeNe wanted to act quickly when she noticed that Cynthia was starting to befriend her and wanted to “find out if anyone was talking sh*t about her.” 

“Did she tell you to record conversations?” Andy Cohen, host of the RHOA reunion special asked. 

“Absolutely,” Yovanna responded saying that NeNe wanted recordings done because she didn't think Yovanna’s words were good enough. 

“She wanted proof of conversation," she claimed. "I'll be honest, I wasn't comfortable with that. It went completely against my moral being. But she was so pressed and thirsty for information, I basically told her what she wanted to hear. This is where I take full accountability. When she asked me, I led her to believe I actually did it, but I didn't."

With the rest of the RHOA cast asking for receipts from the snakegate fiasco, Yovanna said that part of her proof was that NeNe refused to face her at the reunion.  

"It's interesting NeNe is not sitting here," she said. "I was actually looking forward to dissecting this entire thing with her here. That is proof enough. I have receipts, I have text messages."

Yovanna also claimed on Sunday's reunion that over the past couple of weeks she had been receiving threatening text messages and harassing phone calls from Leakes. She also said that she had been sent a cease and desist order from Leakes’ attorney.

"In her cease and desist, her attorney's verbiage was I needed to destroy any alleged audio that I might have on her that would portray her in a negative light or defame her character. I've never recorded NeNe, but clearly she's afraid of the truth coming out today.”

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