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INTERVIEW: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II And Teyonah Parris Explain The Unfinished Business In The New ‘Candyman’

INTERVIEW: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II And Teyonah Parris Explain The Unfinished Business In The New ‘Candyman’

The two actors speak to about why this fresh take on the blood-chilling classic is more frightening than the previous versions.

UPDATED ON : AUGUST 24, 2021 / 03:26 PM

Written by Ty Cole

Actors Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris have different definitions on who the Candyman is but agree that the fictional character is a manifestation of a heavy load of pain, agitation and suffering. 

The pair star in the sequel, “Candyman” opening in theaters on Friday, August 27 and follows  visual artist Anthony McCoy, played by Abdul-Mateen II, and his gallery director girlfriend Brianna Cartwright, played by Parris. The couple have just moved into their new luxury loft in the recently gentrified Cabrini-Green neighborhood in Chicago. After a visit from Cartwright’s brother and an unexpected encounter from Cabrini resident William Burke, played by Colman Domingo, they both receive the same tale about the Candyman. McCoy, however, uses the story as inspiration in his art while unknowingly speaking the tale into existence. 

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“I would describe Candyman as terrifying from my own experience and childhood,” said Parris in an interview with “I would also describe him as someone who has been hurt, is in pain, and we watch him try to deal with it.” 

Mateen also shares his thoughts on the significance of the character. 

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“Candyman is a ghost who is trapped and is dealing with pain,” he said. “He has unfinished business, and someone has to pay. He’s a ghost who is being antagonized and there’s consequences to that agitation.”

Watch Mateen and Parris further explain how this reimagined sequel of “Candyman” also connects to true stories in the Black community.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Anthony McCoy in "Candyman".
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Anthony McCoy in "Candyman".
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Brace yourself as “Candyman” appears on the big screen on Friday, August 27th. 

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