Celebrity Quotes of the Week: Kanye Calls Out Jay Z on His Friendship

Celebrity Quotes of the Week: Kanye Calls Out Jay Z on His Friendship

Plus, words from Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Tamar and more.

Published October 21, 2016

  1. Kanye says he was pissed that Jay Z called instead of coming over to check on him after Kim’s robbery:
    (Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation)

    "Don't call me, after the robbery, and say 'how you feelin’? You wanna know how I'm feelin? Come by the house."

  2. Nicki Minaj isn’t here for Kanye West’s 'Gold Digger' lyrics:
    (Photo: William Volcov/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)

    "I’m so tired of Black women feeling that when our men get rich, they’re going to leave them for a woman of a different race. It wasn’t funny when Kanye said [on ‘Gold Digger’], ‘When he get on, he’ll leave your a** for a white girl’ — and Kanye happens to be with a white girl now. It wasn’t funny when he said it; it was the f***ing truth.”

  3. Azealia Banks slams Russell Crowe in first interview since their infamous incident:
    (Photos from left: Ian Gavan/Getty Images,Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

    “I think he’s a racist, misogynist pig. This is a stain on me. My ­femininity feels stained. I feel stained as a woman, I feel mishandled, I feel mistreated, I feel dirty. I feel very f**king low.”

  4. Here’s what Adrienne Bailon has to say about Tamar Braxton’s firing from 'The Real':
    (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

    “That’s above my pay grade, so to speak. I can’t make those kind of decisions."

  5. Here’s why Ava DuVernay made a doc about mass incarceration:
    (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

    "Because it's important to me. I saw people from my community growing up in Compton. They were there one day, and not there the next day."

  6. Jeezy slammed podcast hosts for misconstruing his comments about comparing Trump to Tupac:
    (Photo: Scott Legato/Getty Images for Tequila Avion)

    "Did your ignorant a** listen to the whole interview? And that's what I hate about my people, Black people, we just take whatever and run with it."

  7. Here’s what Tamar said when asked if she still watches 'The Real':
    (Photo: Barry King/Getty Images)

    "Watch myself? I'm The Real. No, I'm joking."

  8. Here’s what pushed Carmelo Anthony to take a stand against police brutality:
    (Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic)

    “But when it's powerful, timing is everything, and for me the Freddie Gray thing was the one that tipped me off. It was like something just exploded. It was like [snaps] now was the time. Enough is enough.”

  9. Here’s how T.I. thinks relationships between law enforcement and people of color can get better:
    (Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images for TIDAL)

    “It’s the way the travesties are handled, because of course in any society you’re going to have legal mishaps. It’s almost as though no one even considers the thought of accountability. It’s almost like, ‘Yeah, what are you gonna expect? Of course he’s gonna get off. It’s a Black guy and a cop.’ It’s just complete disregard for basic human rights.”

  10. Khloé Kardashian responds to Trump calling her a 'fat piglet':
    (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

    "I didn't think he was saying those things about me. But he says those comments about a lot of women — really derogatory things. Someone who is that simplistic to judge things off of surface is not someone I want running my country."

  11. Russell Westbrook doesn’t think stylists are necessary:
    (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)

    “And that's why a stylist, for me, is just a waste of money. It would take away from my creative side. And the most important thing about fashion is being creative and being able to have your own ideas.”

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: William Volcov/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)


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