Twitter Delivers Early Reviews (And Jokes) About Drake's 'Views'

Drake attends Serena Williams HSN fashion show held at Metropolitan West in NYC.
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Twitter Delivers Early Reviews (And Jokes) About Drake's 'Views'

Views on 'Views' in 140 characters.

Published April 29, 2016

In the way that Lemonade was made to watch and then be listened to, Drake’s Views was made to consume alongside your buddies on the internet. Actually, Views was made to make you feel all the feelings and tell the world about it. It all started last night when Drake premiered the album on Beats 1 Radio with Zane Lowe. Early Twitter reviews then came in and today the world is spiraling from all the emotions. Let’s hold hands and ride through this emotional Twitter wave together. – Jon Reyes

For some people pageant style twerking was the only way to express their emotions.
...and dancing is the only way to express the "litness."
Singing his way into our hearts is when Drake is at his best.
Some might just be nervous.
Even German soccer stars couldn't contain their Twitter excitement.
Some are out there just trying to sit through class.
On a scale of Drake to Drake.
Even higher education institutions are taking in Views.
Some are just here trying to keep it together from so much excitement. #OprahTears
Some are just too distracted by the desire for beard.
Others aren't that impressed — yet.
Views weather in Toronto be like...
Thankfully, there are enough tracks to fight for the top slot.
Systems are shutting down.
Future emotions running wild. Thanks, Drizzy.

(Photo: Ron Asadorian / Splash News)


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