What? Khia Says Serena Williams Is Beyoncé's Slave in LEMONADE

What? Khia Says Serena Williams Is Beyoncé's Slave in LEMONADE

The "My Neck, My Back" singer puts the A-listers on full blast.

Published April 30, 2016

Ever since Beyoncé dropped LEMONADE, the world has been wondering what Khia thinks about the epic visual album. Actually, probably not, but that didn't stop the "My Neck, My Back" rapper from sharing her thoughts — and they aren't good. Not at all.

The outspoken artist took to Atlanta airwaves to tell us all how she really feels about Bey's acclaimed hit album, and while many see the album as empowering to women, Khia feels very differently. 

“F*** her,” the rapper and singer began her rant. “First of all the video was tired, and through, and long and it made Black people look bad as hell. B***h, you walking around with this blonde long a** hair but you want African queens and kings in your video.”

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Her biggest issue seems to be with Serena Williams, who appeared alongside Bey in the clip for "Sorry." While most of us celebrated the image of Williams, looking fly in a bodysuit, twerking alongside Bey in the video as an example of two strong and independent women making no apologies for their sexuality, Khia had a different take.

“Here you is, Black as a black juicy berry. And you getting in front of this hoe and letting her have her legs gapped open in the chair while you twerking for her like the slaves masters had us doing,” she said. 

Khia is not the first to come out to critique Beyoncé's newest hit, and just like with the others who dare put her on blast, Twitter is rushing to Queen Bey's defense

Even The Game spoke up, holding no punches when calling Khia out:

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Written by Evelyn Diaz

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