This #StopRappingCampaign Is a Hard Job, But Somebody Had to Do It

(Photo: good-times TV via YouTube)

This #StopRappingCampaign Is a Hard Job, But Somebody Had to Do It

Larry Legend has a message for “struggle rappers.”

Published May 12, 2016

The Michael Jordan crying meme has come to life once more, this time as the inspired branded imagery behind a new worthy cause being led by Twitter user Larry Legend.

Legend has a message for everyone, more specifically a very clear message to those who have friends that rap but whom are not quite the next Tupac

The hilarious PSA is a spoof of the video for the #NoMore anti-domestic violence campaign, where the spokesperson is crying while bringing attention to the friends of “struggle rappers” who give misleading words of advice and encouragement. He is calling for those with friends determined but struggling to find their talents and footing in the rap game to find the courage to tell him or her to stop rapping. 

In the video, he estimates that 96% of amateur rapper's friends won't tell them to pursue a new passion and he declares that it’s time to bring an end to this madness. 

While all rappers aspire to live as lavishly as other rappers do, it’s not for everyone, after all. 

Check out his now-viral #StopRappingCampaign video above and maybe low-key pass it on to a friend in need if it inspires you to step up.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: good-times TV via YouTube)


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