Boy, Bye: Maury Povich Crosses the Line with Comment About Keyshia Cole

Boy, Bye: Maury Povich Crosses the Line with Comment About Keyshia Cole

Nope, not cool, Maury.

Published May 14, 2016

Sometimes there IS shame in shameless promotion and reality TV show host Maury Povich is the latest to learn that lesson the hard way.

Yesterday (May 13), Keyshia Cole was beyond-words excited to celebrate what she has been waiting for her whole entire life: reuniting with her biological father.

As reported, after 34 years of publicly and privately searching for answers, a paternity test revealed that boxing trainer Virgil Hunter is her father.

The R&B songstress shared her initial reaction on Instagram, captioning her post with an appropriate amount of exclamation points.

“The story behind this is beyond me!!!!” she wrote in the post sharing the news. “God has his hands all in this!!! I’m so exicited. So excited with taking this a day at a time!!!”

The peanut gallery, i.e. Povich, of course had to chime in, crossing a boundary in response to Cole’s exciting and incredible news.

“Keyshia Cole… you should have called MAURY years ago and we would have helped you find your father!,” Povich’s post on Facebook read. “Don’t wait 34 years like Keyshia, call 1-888-45MAURY for your free DNA Test!”

Not cool, Maury, not cool. There is a time and place for promotion, and this is simply not the time, nor the place. 

The singer’s journey finding her father has been a rollercoaster of a lifetime, and we’re so excited for her to begin this next chapter of her life.

Hopefully the singer doesn’t let this out-of-line comment get to her, and is too busy enjoying some quality father-daughter bonding to even notice.

Too soon #Maury too soon 😩😩😩😩 #KeyshiaCole

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Written by KC Orcutt

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