Run That Back: This Week in Music Featuring Pusha T, Jay Z and More

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Run That Back: This Week in Music Featuring Pusha T, Jay Z and More

Our music staff picks their favorite songs released May 27-June 3.

Published June 3, 2016

There were quite a few big time releases this last week. It all got really popping when Pusha T released his "Drug Dealers Annonymous" track with Jay Z. A Tidal exclusive, the song came as a bit of a surprise, even though Hov's been sprinkling in verses here and there. King Push also featured The Blaze’s conservative host Tomi Lahren's vocals on the track, which made for a nice rebuttal troll to her negative comments about Black music.

Today (June 3) turned out to be a monster day as Kanye West released an insane posse cut with "Champions." Featuring Gucci ManeBig SeanDesiignerYo Gotti2 ChainzTravi$ Scott and Quavo, the song is a banger and was premiered on Big Boy’s 92.3 program.

DJ Khaled also got in the mix as he dropped a new song. Featuring Drake, "For Free" reference's Kendrick Lamar's song of the same name as Drizzy even quotes K Dot in his verse by saying “this d*ck ain't free." LOL.

Mike WiLL Made-It and Rihanna, De La Soul and Snoop Dogg and Lil Uzi Vert, among others, all released music this past week. Check out some of our staff favorites below.

Mike Will Made-It and Rihanna – 'Nothing Is Promised'

Bossy Rihanna is everyone’s favorite Rihanna, and money talk is the subject of Mike WiLL Made-It’s “Nothing Is Promised.” RiRi’s bars on the track have been teased for months, but nothing could have prepared the masses for the dopeness in its entirety. Backed by Mike WiLL’s thumping bass, the bad gal herself adopts a popular Drake flow between appropriately lax vocals for a love letter to the almighty dollar. Twerk at the bank to this. — Iyana Robertson

Lil Uzi Vert – 'Sub Zero'

It is with both shame and pride that I name this song as my track of the week. Lil Uzi Vert doesn't appear to market himself as some sort of pensive svengali whose street anthems are intended to change your life. He's just here for the turn up. Keeping that in mind, "Sub Zero" does its job. Sure, 95% of it is Lil Uzi just chanting "Sub Zero," but Maaly Raw's blippity beat coupled with Uzi's sort of melodic delivery actually makes this a smooth listen. As the weather gets warmer and the windows come down, a track like "Sub Zero" will be just enough to breeze through on a car ride. — Kathy Iandoli

Hopsin – 'Die This Way'

The ill mind of Hopsin strikes again as the former Funk Volume head honcho confronts his own unrelenting depression. This one is a little darker both psychologically and from a production standpoint, but it’s Hopsin so you know you’re getting quality flows and 100% realness. — Jake Rohn

Maxwell – 'Lake by the Ocean'

Finally, the video's out for Maxwell's first single off an album we've been waiting seven years for. The video to "Lake by the Ocean" does something every video should do for a song: add depth. The introduction is an eye opener for many who don't realize people still uphold a specific lifestyle revolving around water consumption. Plus, any reminder of how Maxwell seems to get better with age is always a welcome one. Thank you Maxwell, for continuing the thirst. — Jon Reyes

Pusha T Featuring Jay Z – 'Drug Dealers Anonymous'


It was a quiet Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day. Hangovers were being tended to, 9-5ers were looking out the window remembering when they were free for a full three days. Later that night, Pusha T and Jay Z hit us with a little single titled "Drug Dealers Anonymous." Bars were flying everywhere. Not only did DJ Dahi provide the eerie sounding production, Hov is still responding to Lemonade backlash. Plenty of gems in this one. *insert fire emoji here* — Janice Llamoca

De La Soul Featuring Snoop Dogg – 'Pain'

De La Soul is never dead and has impressively been able to steadily release quality music for over two decades. This last week, they dropped a funky weekend jam with "Pain." Featuring a vintage-sounding verse from Snoop Dogg, the track is from De La's crowdfunded forthcoming comeback album And the Anonymous Nobody.... "Pain gon' make it better" may be the perfect hook for those who need an escape from hard times. The Long Island trio is always healing. — Paul Meara

Illogic – 'Wake Up'

Those hungry for independent hip hop that speaks to both the soul and the mind should look no further than Columbus, Ohio's Illogic. Putting listeners under a spell uniquely his own, Illogic uses intricate rhyming patterns and his stylistic stream-of-conscious vocal delivery to share his enlightened musings over downtempo, luscious production. "Wake Up" is off of his forthcoming record alongside Tha Sound Cultivator, titled A Man Who Thinks With His Own Mind, due out next month. — KC Orcutt

Written by BET Staff

(Photos from left: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Bacardi, Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for M2M Construction)


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