Premiere: Teenear Basks In A Love Moment For Her “Street Lights” Video

(Photo: Slip-N-Slide Records) Video still

Premiere: Teenear Basks In A Love Moment For Her “Street Lights” Video

The Slip-N-Slide songstress has a new visual.

Published June 9, 2016

Slip-N-Slide Records’ newest songstress Teenear is back with her latest single “Street Lights” and has the exclusive premiere.

The Miami native – who has been singing since she was three years old – hit the R&B and pop scene after dropping her breakout single “Friday Night" featuring Sage The Gemini. Though she’s only 19, her career is taking off and she’s already learning about the real world challenges of balancing time between career and love. In “Street Lights,” she stresses the importance of enjoying every moment with the one you love.

“I wanted to make a really simple video that showed something that would happen in reality,” Teenear said. “It’s two people that go out on a date and they just want to walk around and enjoy each other’s time. in the video we’re walking down a street just dancing, having fun with each other and being in the moment.”

The catchy Kahza-produced track features electro-pop influences which Teenear says come from her Miami upbringing.

“The sound definitely comes from my upbringing, Teenear noted. “I grew up in Miami and everyone around me listens to techno and EDM and I feel like it caters to a lot of people and it’s something I love.”

Check out the world premiere of Teenear’s “Street Lights” below.

Written by Jake Rohn

(Photo: Slip-N-Slide Records)


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