Epic Fail: Usher Awkwardly Tries To Console LeBron James After Last Night's Loss

left: (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET) right:(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Epic Fail: Usher Awkwardly Tries To Console LeBron James After Last Night's Loss

After being brushed off by LeBron, the R&B superstar went to congratulate the Warriors.

Published June 11, 2016

Last night was a devastating loss for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans alike.

After several frustrating moments on the court, the Golden State Warriors ended up beating the Cavs 108 to 97. However, Usher may have taken the biggest L of the night.

Usher, who is a minority owner of the Cavaliers, rushed over to LeBron James, after the game ended, to dap him up and offer his condolences. Needless to say, given the mood James was in following the loss, it didn’t go over too well. 

In what made for a terribly awkward interaction (and absolutely epic Vine footage), the basketball player barely broke his stride when Usher reached out to him, completely brushing off the R&B superstar like he was just another annoying face in the crowd.

While it’s hard to say whether or not Usher took LeBron giving him the cold shoulder personally, moments later he was spotted “pulling a Drake congratulating Steph Curry and the victorious Golden State Warriors with a huge smile on his face.

Never a dull moment during the NBA finals, no?

Check out the footage of LeBron choosing to ignore the R&B superstar and what happened next in the clips below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images) (Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)


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