Lil Mama Takes Shots at Nicki Minaj on '4PM in Calabasas' Freestyle

Lil Mama Takes Shots at Nicki Minaj on '4PM in Calabasas' Freestyle

She comes for her fellow femcee over Drake's track.

Published June 19, 2016

Lil Mama dropped a freestyle on Drake's "4 PM In Calabasas" at the expense of fellow femcee, Nicki Minaj. Now Twitter is having a field day, most at Lil Mama's expense, telling her that she is going to have to nail down the hatches extra tight when Minaj's response comes.

The presumed diss come when Mama raps, ”You ain’t got no sons / I be hearin’ you talk crazy, but you really is buns / So when you talk, talk politely / And when you tread, tread lightly, ’Cause the ice gettin’ thinner / Like 666, it’s gon’ be a cold winter.”

Take a listen for yourself and see how people on social media are already taking sides.

There are some who are standing up in support of Lil Mama.

But most are just making jokes about how badly Lil Mama is going to regret coming for Nicki, predicting that Minaj's reply may very well end her career.

Depending on how Minaj responds, this will either be the hip-hop beef of the summer or, if fans are right, it will be a simple one-and-done. 

But the drama between the ladies has been going on for years, with Mama throwing down the gauntlet a few years ago when she declared that Nicki is a fraud who really doesn't look out for her fellow female rappers.

Let's see how this latest bout plays out — in the media, on Twitter or in lyrics.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for BET, Larry Busacca/Getty Images)


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