Chris Brown Talks a Fan Out of Suicide: 'I've Been There Mentally'

Chris Brown and Dan Bilzerian have a short conversation outside after partying at The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood, CA.
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Chris Brown Talks a Fan Out of Suicide: 'I've Been There Mentally'

Breezy doing what he can to help.

Published June 21, 2016

Thoughts of suicide knows no gender, race or socioeconomic status. Many in music alone have thought about, attempted and succeeded at taking their own lives over the years and apparently the first even swirled around Chris Brown’s mind.

Last April, Brown admitted that after his breakup with Rihanna, he too thought about taking his own life. He of course didn’t, and when a fan recently reached out to him though Instagram —who was having suicidal thoughts — he reassured them that there’s so much to live for.

“That’s never the answer!!!” Breezy said when asked to give his thoughts and a message of hope. “Suicide is a word that I don’t sit well with. YOU ARE THINKING OF A DECISION BASED ON YOUR EMOTIONS. LIFE IS TOO HARD AT TIMES BUT WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL TO CHECK OUT EARLY. I’ve been there mentally, then I HAD FAITH IN “GOD.” He then went on to admit he has his own demons and that public opinion of him does influence how he looks at his own actions.

Back in March, Chris Brown criticized Kehlani for her suicide attempt after she posted an Instagram photo of her in the hospital. She told her followers that she felt she couldn’t go on while Brown called it “flexing for the gram.” Many believed Kehlani’s attempted suicide coincided with rumors that she had cheated on then-boyfriend Kyrie Irving.

Check out Chris Brown’s Instagram interaction with a fan below.

Written by Paul Meara

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