Premiere: June’s Diary Reps for the Ladies in Their ‘L.A.N.C.E.’ Video

(Photo: Epic Sony Music)

Premiere: June’s Diary Reps for the Ladies in Their ‘L.A.N.C.E.’ Video

For the girls who ain’t havin’ it.

Published June 26, 2016

Allow Kristal, Shyann, Ashly, Gabrielle and Brienna to reintroduce themselves. The Chasing Destiny stars recently revealed the official name of their group, hitting the ground running under the moniker June’s Diary. And in keeping with their big reveal, the ladies have also released their first official single, “L.A.N.C.E.” A warning shot to the men who do women wrong, June’s Diary is representing for the ones who aren’t having it.

In conjunction with the song’s release, the group also debuted the video for the track on the 2016 BET Awards red carpet. The clip begins with a slick-talking guy spitting his game to the ladies, who then respond with the sassy single. Serving as the first taste of the June’s Diary aesthetic, the video delivers a fresh mix of urban feminism.

During the reveal of their group name on BET’s Facebook Live on Friday (June 24), the group revealed the significance of the name to their story’s genesis.

“Even though we were put together in February, June is the month that we spiritually connected as a group,” Kristal explained. “A lot of great things happened for us in the month of June. We were just having a talk last week, that something just clicked. Something just happened between us, and we were just like, ‘Wow.’”

June’s Diary is looking to have the summer on smash with “L.A.N.C.E.” Peep the visuals below.

Written by Iyana Robertson

(Photo: Epic Sony Music)


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