New Deal Alert: Is Jay Z About To Be As Rich As Dr. Dre?

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New Deal Alert: Is Jay Z About To Be As Rich As Dr. Dre?

The rapper-entrepreneur is reportedly in the middle of a life-changing deal.

Published June 30, 2016

Jay Z isn't a businessman...he's a business, man. And he's very close to proving all his haters wrong.

Several sources reported on Thursday that Apple is in talks to acquire TIDAL, the music streaming service acquired by the rap mogul last year, and has been suffering from bad press almost ever since. The music giant is interested in bringing Tidal in because of its strong ties to some of the biggest artists in music including, Jay, his wife, BeyoncéKanye West, and many others.

The talks are currently ongoing, and it may not result in a deal between the two streaming services, if it does go through it could result in a massive payday for Jay and the other musicians involved in TIDAL.

Jay bought the service in March 2015 for $56 Million dollars and has built momentum to a reported 4.2 million subscribers, despite a rough start, several management changes and a healthy dose of side-eye from folks who felt another streaming services is unnecessary now that we have Spotify. The uptick is in many ways thanks to the string of exclusive releases from some of its biggest stars.

TIDAL is also the only streaming service that offers the catalog of Prince, who was wary of music streaming, but chose to offer his music to the service thanks to his close relationship to Bey and Jay Z.

If this deal goes through, it could very well put Jay in Dr. Dre territory (he sold his BEATS By Dre to Apple for a cool billion), but at the very least, will shut up his haters.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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