Here's Why Joe Budden Is Taking A Break From Dissing Drake

Here's Why Joe Budden Is Taking A Break From Dissing Drake

Looks like there will be a week of Drizzy-related silence ahead.

Published July 9, 2016

Fans who have been anxiously holding their breath wondering what will unfold next in the saga between Joe Budden and Drake have been advised there will be nothing coming from Budden’s corner for awhile.

In fact, during a recent “PSA,” the rapper shared he will be taking “ONE WEEK” off from dissing the Toronto rapper, to focus on something much more important.

“PSA: #JoeBudden is letting up off Aubrey Graham to fully focus on police brutality.. Just for ONE WEEK,” the caption on Instagram read. “Then expect a few more Drake disses.”

“I’m not on here to talk about any of that frivolous, minuscule beef stuff,” Budden says in the video clip. “I’ll get back to beating his a** in about another week. For now, we focus on the [Ku Klux Klan] killing all the Black people. And they keep making y’all that think the police are doing it.”

While Budden has hit Drake with back-to-back (pun intended) diss tracks, Drizzy has yet to respond. Perhaps the instigating Budden has a third track warming in the oven, but it looks like it won’t be coming out in the next week or so.

Check out Budden’s reasoning for easing up on their “minuscule beef” in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1, Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)


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