People Are Losing It Over How Great Adina Howard Looks at 41 Years Old

People Are Losing It Over How Great Adina Howard Looks at 41 Years Old

Still fine.

Published July 14, 2016

Adina Howard hasn’t made much noise musically since the 1990s, but when it comes to her Instagram account in 2016, people are loud.

“Freak Like Me” was a smash hit and, uh, the comment section of some of her most recent photos have people wishing the now 41-year-old was in the spotlight more often.

The thirst is real and age ain’t a thang when it comes to looking good, especially for Adina. “My sexy Scorpio crush,” an Instagram user commented on one of her Instagram pictures. “You are truly fine wine status. Getting better with age!!!”

Check out some of the most recent “fine wine” photos of Adina Howard below, further proving that Black don’t crack.

I was asked yesterday by a non melaninated woman I was talking to about our history "why I didn't hate her or white people"? My answer to that is...I'm not here to hate, I'm here to educate. As I learn the hidden truth I desire to share it with others in a manner that compels them to open their minds, to listen and learn. I share this knowledge to sow seeds in hopes they will germinate. Ignorance tends to breed fear and fear tends to breed violence. I'm here to help put an end to this maddening cycle. Hatred is why we are all in this mess. Ignorance is why we are all in this mess. They're counterproductive. Lowering my vibration to express disgust and anger does no one any good. Don't get me wrong I am angry, but that has moved me to begin to unravel, uproot what has been sown. As I let go of my old ways of being, doing, thinking and believing I'm granted the honor of being created anew. I'm polishing my crown, taking up my sword and reclaiming my throne. #resurrection This melaninated Queen is on a mission and I won't stop until it has been accomplished. #iriseabove #adinahoward #nubianroyalty I love you all. May the Divine continue to bless and keep you. Namaste luvbugs #ah

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Written by Paul Meara



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