Meek Mill Has Vowed to Stop Rapping About 'Extreme Violence'

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 20:  Meek Mills performs during the Bacardi untamable house party on November 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Bacardi)

Meek Mill Has Vowed to Stop Rapping About 'Extreme Violence'

He's taking a stand by refocusing his lyrical content moving forward.

Published July 15, 2016

Meek Mill has taken to Instagram to make a pledge to his fans that already has been met with tremendous support.

The rapper shared that he no will no longer be rapping about “extreme violence” in light of recent police brutality and overall racial strife in our country. He expressed passionately that following his Dreamcatchers 4 album, he will be making a conscious effort to remove any violent themes from his music.

“Don't question my raps because it's a life we lived and suffered from, I have a right to express my myself!” the rapper wrote on his Instagram. “BY THE WAY ....AFTER DC4 I won't continue to rap about extreme violence!!! But I will remain to let my people know in these terrible environments to adapt and survive at any cost because ‘US BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL AT WAR WITH OURSELVES AND THE SYSTEM IN REAL LIFE!’”

Meek also posted commentary in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, promising that just because he’s experienced fame, he won’t be turning his back on anyone or forgetting where he came from, like he’s seen with some of his celebrity peers.

“Don’t let up,” he wrote. “Stop focusing on non-important s**t and use your platform to bring attention to these foul ways some people believe we should b treated!”

Judging from the vow he made to his fans to remove violence from his music, he’s already taking his own advice to use his platform to influence positive changes.

Check out his heartfelt post on the subject here.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Bacardi)


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