Premiere: Tiffany Evans and Fetty Wap Put It Down 'On Sight' With a New Video

(Photo: Live Love Entertainment)

Premiere: Tiffany Evans and Fetty Wap Put It Down 'On Sight' With a New Video

The long-awaited visuals are here.

Published July 15, 2016

Tiffany Evans is back, and this time with Fetty Wap, as she debuts her new music video for “On Sight”, a leading track from her latest EP, All Me. The flirty tune has over one million digital streams and has made its way onto radio stations in not only the U.S., but the U.K. and Canada.

Although the EP debuted last October, Tiffany says that the wait for a video featuring Fetty Wap was worth it. At the time that All Me was released, Tiffany was pregnant and Fetty had been in a motorcycle accident. It was not until recently that the duo could find time in their busy schedules to make this pulsating music video happen.

In the spirit of "making it happen," Tiffany directed the entire video herself with hopes of showing her fans exactly who she is. “When you watch it, you get a bunch of personality; you get a lot of swagger and just me,” she says when probed about her goal for the visual. Tiffany’s attitude and lively character can easily be seen through her dance moves and vibrant clothing in "On Sight." 

From the video alone, you would not be able to tell that this was Evans' and Fetty Wap's first time working together. The singer first connected with Fetty after she uploaded a cover of his hit single "Trap Queen" on her Instagram. After noticing the video, a mutual friend put the two in contact and urged Tiffany to reach out to Fetty about recording a song together.

Fast forward a few months later, and here it is. Despite all the hype surrounding the new video, Tiffany never expected All Me to receive the attention it did. The project peaked at No. 10 on the iTunes R&B Albums chart, as well as flew to No. 3 on Amazon's Soul Albums chart. “I know I have fans out there and I know that people have been waiting for me to push a project for real, but I’m always surprised at the response,” she says.

Stay tuned for Evans' other future visuals, as well as her upcoming promotional radio tour. Peep the premiere of "On Sight" featuring Fetty Wap below:

Written by Brianna Holt

(Photo: Live Love Entertainment)


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