According to Khia, Kanye West Is a 'B***h' for Recording Taylor Swift

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According to Khia, Kanye West Is a 'B***h' for Recording Taylor Swift


Published July 21, 2016

The saga that is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recording Taylor Swift’s conversation with them about the “Famous” lyrics seems like it’s never going to end.

Everyone’s given their opinion about it. It’s gotten all the way to Khia. If you remember, she’s the one who dropped “My Neck, My Back” all those years ago. She now has her own podcast, and during it, she called Kanye a “b***h” for recording the conversation.

“Kanye’s b***h a** secretly recorded Taylor Swift’s conversation when he called and pretended like he was telling her what this record was gonna be when he was calling her all kind of white b*****s and whores,” she said during an episode of her show, The Queen’s Court. “And saying that he might as well hit that a** cause he’s the who made her famous and all that carrying on. And when he called, Taylor claimed he didn’t say all that. She didn’t know she was gonna be call all kind of b*****s and white whores and slores.”

Khia also supports Taylor Swift’s proposed lawsuit against Kimye. She believes Taylor didn’t know she was being recorded and says she would do the same thing in that situation.

“All I gotta say is I feel like it was premeditated,” she continued. “If y’all recorded this conversation months ago and y’all didn’t let her know she was being recorded, I think Taylor has a case. And I would sue the hell out of ’em and get me a little money out of they a** for defamation of character and a little bit of more things. Taylor, get yo' money. Sue the hell out of ’em. Sue ’em for everything that they got.”

One thing’s for sure: never record a phone conversation with Khia without her permission.

We reported Tuesday (July 19) that Taylor Swift doesn’t have legal grounds to sue West due to California’s law, which reads that if one knows they’re being overheard during a phone conversation, they consent to being recorded even if they don’t know or verbally provide consent.

Taylor Swift claims she had “no idea” Ye had her on speaker during their conversation about whether he could use certain lyrics about her for his controversial song “Famous,” and although she admits to hearing other voices, she says she assumed those people couldn’t hear her part of the conversation. She also believes Kanye had a legal obligation to ask permission to record her and since he didn’t, he should pay in court.

Check out the full scope of what Khia had to say about Kimye and Taylor Swift’s situation below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/FilmMagic, John Lamparski/Getty Images)


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