Monica Responds to Rumors That Shannon Brown Got Another Woman Pregnant

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Monica Responds to Rumors That Shannon Brown Got Another Woman Pregnant

"I will leave the rest to the Federal Bureau."

Published July 21, 2016

Earlier this summer, reports began surfacing that, despite rumors of infidelity, the marriage between Shannon and Monica Brown was still standing.

Yesterday (July 20) a new claim that not only did Shannon have an affair with another woman, but the two have an alleged child together made headlines. Monica has been relatively quiet about the matter, but decided to weigh in and do some rumor control.

The Industry On Blast blog originally posted the story and later apologized and retracted their it. The blog claims that the woman is not a side chick, but is in fact a stalker.

Monica posted on Instagram that she appreciates the apology and that it is “by far a first that someone even cares, although it won’t change the perception nor will it reach the many television and media outlets that picked it all up.”

The singer then shared that the woman has been stalking her and her family for years and that she will “leave the rest to the Federal Bureau.”

She then posted a second response detailing that stories were “sold and told without any truth whatsoever” regarding her husband’s possible affair and child, saying that the rumors hassled another family, in addition to her own, and because of that reason, she decided to speak up about the situation.

View her full responses and rumor shut-down in the posts below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Fortunata / Splash News)


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