Officer Tommy Norman Doesn't 'Feel Worthy' of The Game's Good Deed

(Photos from left: Tommy Norman via Instagram, London Entertainment /Splash)

Officer Tommy Norman Doesn't 'Feel Worthy' of The Game's Good Deed

“I just want to thank him for changing the game here."

Published July 21, 2016

Earlier this month, The Game’s son Harlem started a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising money for Officer Tommy Norman and his efforts in helping the people in his community.

With an original goal of $10,000, The Game and his son together ended up raising over $72,000 (and counting), with the rapper offering the first $1,000 to get it started. In a new interview, Officer Norman shared he doesn’t feel worthy of their generosity.

The GoFundMe began after the rapper and his son were discussing “good cops” and why it’s important to support them, especially in light of recent events with police brutality and people of color. Not all cops are bad, and that is essentially the driving force behind The Game’s teachable moment with his son.

“I don’t feel worthy, I don’t really see what other people see because I’m on the inside looking out,” Officer Norman tells XXL. “I’ve been doing this for years, because I started when I was young [volunteering]. It’s been a part of my life, it runs through my bloodstream. I get all these phone calls and media requests, and I’m thinking, I’ll do them because I’m honored but what’s the big deal? And I’m glad that I approach it that way, that shows that I’m grounded. I take so much pride in remaining humble.”

Following the GoFundMe's success, the officer has been receiving boatloads of attention for what he considers simply doing his job. While his Instagram is now over 1 million followers, he shares his goal is bigger than social media and that he hopes to unite the community.

“The importance of positive policing is just we’re all in this together,” he continued. “We are police officers, but more than that, we are human beings. We wake up just like you do, put our clothes on just like you do. We’re no better than the next person, it just so happens that we have a job of a police officer of authority. Just because we have a job of authority, doesn’t mean that we can’t go out and form relationships and be your friend.”

Officer Norman went on to share that he is a hip-hop fan and has the utmost respect for The Game.

“I even listen to his music, so I’m thinking this guy right here, out of all people, I wouldn’t think that he would be the one supporting the police,” the officer adds. “But also I think just reading his story, he’s attempting now to unite with the police and let’s all be together on one team and try to work through this.”

While he has yet to meet the rapper in person, he added he and his fellow officers are hoping to continue to build on the movement that The Game and his son started, praising them both for "changing the game."

Check out his interview in full here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Tommy Norman via Instagram, London Entertainment /Splash)


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