Man Accusing Afrika Bambaataa of Sexual Misconduct Calls KRS-One 'Worse Than a Catholic Priest'

SANTA ANA, CA - FEBRUARY 13:  Rapper KRS-One performs onstage at The Observatory on February 13, 2016 in Santa Ana, California.  (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Man Accusing Afrika Bambaataa of Sexual Misconduct Calls KRS-One 'Worse Than a Catholic Priest'

He's outraged KRS-One is still defending Afrika Bambaataa.

Published July 22, 2016

Earlier this spring, allegations were made against hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa.

Following the shocking claims made against Bambaataa, KRS-One stood up as one of his most vocal defendants. Commenting again as recently as this week, the rapper continues to champion for his mentor, saying that “anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit hip-hop."

Ronald Savage, one of Bambaataa’s accusers, got wind of this latest comment and provided an emotionally-charged response.

“He [KRS-One] is a disgrace to every living man, woman and [child] all over the world. He poses a real threat to every child in this world,” Savage shared with

“He is worse than any Catholic priest who has molested a child,” he added, calling for a ban on KRS-Ones music. “Any DJ, radio station or video show still playing his music, SHAME ON YOU.”

Savage then went on to say that Bambaataa’s role in the music industry does not excuse him for his actions, going as far as to call KRS-One a “poster boy for keeping rapists and pedophiles safe" for defending him.

“To turn around and say that an alleged child molester, because it’s Afrika Bambaataa, should be untouchable and pioneers of hip-hop should get a pass if they molested a child is unforgettable,” Savage said.

Check out Savage’s recent statement on the matter in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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