Is This Proof That PartyNextDoor Has Been Lying About His Age for Years?

Is This Proof That PartyNextDoor Has Been Lying About His Age for Years?

This has us doing a double take.

Published July 26, 2016

People who work in the music industry are no stranger to sharing their “industry age” in comparison to their real age. In some instances, it doesn’t matter one bit, but in other situations there is an unspoken pressure to come off as younger.

OVO Sound’s PartyNextDoor may have stepped a bit too far over that line, and thanks to one fan paying extra attention, the musician may have today (July 25) been outed as being 8 years older than he previously claimed.

Earlier today when you took a glance at PND’s Wikipedia page, it shared that his birthday is July 3, 1993. Now if you refresh your page, it has been updated to say July 3, 1985. Perhaps this change had to do with the investigative Internet journalism that has been circulating the Web today, but either way, the receipts do appear to add up.

One source shared that before the musician took up his current moniker and was recruited by OVO, he created music under the name Jahron B., based off his real name Jahron Brathwaite.

From an old yearbook photo to an old profile on Soundclick, the evidence that PND is 31 years old, and not 23, does make for a compelling and curious argument.

Maybe the jig is up, Party?

Written by KC Orcutt



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