Joe Budden Isn't Worried About Meek Mill's Upcoming Diss Track... at All

Joe Budden Isn't Worried About Meek Mill's Upcoming Diss Track... at All

Should he be?

Published July 27, 2016

Joe Budden’s been ready and willing to battle or beef with anyone. He’s already open on many fronts, the primary of which include Drake and Meek Mill, who, coincidentally, are beefing with each other.

When it comes to the Meek bout, the New York rapper’s not given him the song treatment he gave Drizzy; however, it seems Meek is going to preemptively strike with a diss track of his own. A Twitter video posted by @VinePhilly shows the Philly rapper mouthing the words to a forthcoming song containing a shot at Joey.

“N****s say that we beefing, probably ain’t gonna see ‘em / I’m just pushing the buttons / Buddens on ‘em and they gon’ leave ‘em,” Meek raps on the song. There’s no word yet on what the title of it is or whether it’ll be on his upcoming and long-awaited Dreamchasers 4 mixtape.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Joe Budden is too worried. He took to Twitter right afterward (of course) and addressed the potential diss.

“Just heard a Meek snippet where he’s ‘dissing’ me… Spoiler alert, he also mentions a Rolex… Sounds hard tho,” he tweeted. In late June, he predicted that Meek Mill would rap about watches if he ever did put out a diss track. “Meek bout to end me with all Watch brands lmao,” he relayed at the time.

We’re waiting for either side to officially get this thing started on wax. As of right now, all we have are Joe Budden subliminals toward Meek and the lines, “No alliances with Meek, it's still f**k him too” and “I have issues when celebs throw stones & hide behind fans,” which refers to Meek tweeting at a hip hop blog that Budden is a crackhead rather than the rapper himself.

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Written by Paul Meara

(Photo from left: Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1, Lisa Lake/Getty Images for PUMA)


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