Tyrese Hopes Jay Z and DJ Khaled Have Bigger Plans for the Community

Tyrese Hopes Jay Z and DJ Khaled Have Bigger Plans for the Community

"The power is in the presence."

Published July 27, 2016

Tyrese took to Instagram today (July 27) to share his thoughts on how he feels certain celebrity hip-hop artists are not doing enough for the community.

In more of a call to action than a post throwing shade (as clarified later to TMZ), the singer didn’t hold back in sharing his opinions, saying that specifically he feels Jay Z could better harness his power to more effectively inspire some real changes.

“I'm scared for our future,” he writes, after namedropping that he hopes Jay Z and DJ Khaled have something planned else on a bigger scale. “I’m especially scared of the most powerful Black men and influential Black men of our generation NOT finding time to take what's really going on more serious and align our minds and powers to directly affect change….”

He then went on to say he’s not mentioning these certain celebrities out of disrespect or for a desire for attention, but that he truly feels the entertainment industry could be doing more.

“We matter, so we have to put our minds together and decide HOW we're going to USE this God-given stage of influence to directly affect change and create greater standards for our community,” he continued.

Tyrese also shared that he’s personally going to reach out to Hov to discuss what can be done, together.

Check out his lengthy Instagram post below.

Written by KC Orcutt

((Photo from top left: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images, Tyrese via Instagram)


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