Someone Threw a Cup at Meek Mill and This Happened

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Someone Threw a Cup at Meek Mill and This Happened

He played this one cool.

Published August 1, 2016

Meek Mill made a recent stop at Aces Strip Club in New York City and, during a short performance, he was hit by a cup thrown by someone in the balcony above him.

Well, this didn’t make the Philly rapper too happy. Footage surfaced of Meek’s reaction right after he was hit as he replied swiftly. “Don’t throw no f**king cup down here. If you wanna throw a cup, then show your face,” Meek yelled into his mic as security tried to find who was responsible. “If you want to throw a cup just make sure you can stand it, because we ain’t doing no talking,” he added.

The show then continued and, thankfully, no one else threw any cups. Meek Mill’s been on probation now for 12 years, so it’s probably a good thing nothing got violent.

Meek Mill is preparing the release of his long-awaited mixtape Dreamchasers 4. According to producer Jahlil Beats, the project is eyeing a fall release.

Check out video of what went down at the strip club below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Jerritt Simmers / Splash News)


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