Joe Budden Is Cashing Out From That Epic Fan Chase

American hip-hop artist Joe Budden, leaving Sirius XM radio Studios in NYC.
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Joe Budden Is Cashing Out From That Epic Fan Chase

The internet is a strange place.

Published August 2, 2016

Joe Budden knows how to bleed something for publicity. The simple implication that lyrics from his most famous song may be referenced in a forthcoming Drake song was enough for him to go after the Toronto native on wax. This has gained him a lot of attention.

During the most recent incident of the Drake saga, the New Jersey rapper chased down a few Drizzy fans after they harassed him outside of his apartment. A screen grab of Budden chasing after them has been inducted into the rap meme hall of fame and now is apparently being used for financial gain.

Fans of Joe Budden and/or the chasing incident can now purchase T-shirts and hats featuring Budden running after the Drake fans. The items are being sold on JB’s online store and waiting to be a part of your wardrobe.

This isn’t the first time a rapper has used an incident or trend to cash out. Birdman used his now infamous “respek” rant on The Breakfast Club to reportedly sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise. 2 Chainz also used his “dabbing Santa” sweaters to raise money for those in need.

While a full fledged beef on wax may never come to fruition between Budden and Drake, you can still have a piece of history. Check out Joe Budden’s online store here.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: JB Nicholas / Splash News)


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