The Game Raises Money for Boy Who Was Shot in Face After His Mother Was Killed

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The Game Raises Money for Boy Who Was Shot in Face After His Mother Was Killed

He says this family's story brought tears to his eyes.

Published August 2, 2016

The Game is at it once again, continuing his spree of humanitarianism. His most recent good deed was inspired by a tragedy that, in his words, “literally brought tears to [his] eyes.”

According to the Game, his son, Harlem, was the one that brought this story to his attention, and when he learned about 3-year-old Zachaeus, who was shot in the face on his third birthday and left for dead for hours while laying next to his dead mother, he felt compelled to get involved however he could.

In a new fundraising effort, The Game, with the help of his son, met their goal of raising $5,000 to help Zachaeus and his father get back on their feet during the grieving process of losing their beloved wife/mother. After the fundraising goal was met, the rapper decided to personally donate an “extra” $5,000 to ensure the toddler and his father “are able to move out of harm's way and better their lives from here on out.”

The Game also commented on his recent efforts raising money and awareness in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, going on to say that he is only “one man” but will continue to do everything he possibly can to make the world a better place.

“I wish I could help everyone at once but I’m only ONE MAN…” he posted on Instagram. “But this one man will carry the weight of the world & do as much as I can for as many of you as I can until I am dead…”

The Game also went on to reaffirm that he “wants nothing in return” for his good deeds but to see people and their families “enjoying life as me & my family do.”

Check out his recent Instagram posts on the subject below.

3 year old Zachaeus was shot in the face on his 3rd birthday & left for dead for hours laying next to his dead mother !!!!! CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO & PLEASE HELP THIS CHILD WITH ANYTHING AFTER READING: My son @HvrlemTaylor found this story & keeping it 💯, literally brought tears to my eyes so I immediately contacted the father & decided to make you all aware of this baby's story so we could do what we do & raise $5000 quickly for him..... Baby Zachaeus was shot in the face on his 3rd birthday & left for dead laying beside his pregnant mother as she passed away. He laid there all night clinging to life at a park in Asheville, NC!!! As a result, Zachaeus lost his eye & his father Daquan has been out of work for months helping his son recover. No child on earth should ever have to experience something so tragic especially at such a young age!!! I'm starting the donations off with $1,000 in hopes my fans will FOLLOW & DONATE ANYTHING AS SMALL AS $1 & help @daquanwaters & his son pull their lives back together, THEY REALLY NEED OUR HELP !!! This little boy will now grow up without his mother, missing out on one of the strongest bonds in life, not to mention he lost his eye at 3 years old !!! Daquan's funds are fading as he's been by his sons side as he underwent brain surgery and continues to recover from this horrific tragedy !!! Everything big or small is helpful so please share his story & CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO NOW & DONATE !!! #justiceforzachaeus #donatetozachaeuswaters #nojusticenopeace #united #prayforourchildren #therobinhoodproject @therobinhoodproject @partnersinkynd @ilndprncss

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Written by KC Orcutt

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