Listen to All the New Music From Frank Ocean's Live Stream

Listen to All the New Music From Frank Ocean's Live Stream

Thanks to one diehard fan.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 4, 2016 / 05:41 PM

As Frank Ocean fans anxiously count down to midnight tonight (August 5) to see if the hopefully legit rumors prove true that his new album, Boys Don’t Cry, will be made available, one fan in particular is helping make the waiting game a little less painful.

Although the album is confirmed to be slated for a Friday release exclusively on Apple Music, let’s face it — after an optimistic July came and went, we have to actually hear the album in order to believe it’s finally here.

In the meantime, this one Reddit user has compiled all of the mysterious clues and instrumental music Ocean played during his live stream.

While it does sound as though the instrumentals from the live stream could very well be the production on Ocean’s new album, it’s hard to make sense of what we’re actually listening to, or what we are watching on the live stream.

It appears as though the Grammy award-winning artist is welding wood and possibly building what fans believe to be a staircase, while others think the obscure live stream exists as a metaphor for the work that went into the album. Without any official word from the man himself, it’s all up to interpretation. 

One thing is for sure, Ocean’s up to something and we’re eager to get to the bottom of it.

Check out the ripped songs from Ocean's live stream below.

Written by KC Orcutt

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