Vile: Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei Quits Twitter After Racist Trolls Attack

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Vile: Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei Quits Twitter After Racist Trolls Attack

Another Black celebrity lynched by social media.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 7, 2016 / 09:47 PM

Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei took to social media on Thursday to let fans know that she will soon be leaving Twitter after a slew of attacks from racist Internet trolls.

The hateful bigots crept out of the woodwork after Kordei was accused of taking too long to say something nice about fellow group member Camila Cabello in a recent Facebook Live interview.

Kordei's open letter addressing the backlash from the Facebook Live interview went viral as she defended her words, saying that after four years of being in the group that it's a "shame" that she had to respond to the "foolishness manufactured by those that have absolutely no idea what's going on."

It was this letter that made her the target of racist attacks:

While many of the comments are far too graphic to share, this is just an example of the offensive posts Kordei has to deal with:

Unsurprisingly, seeing stuff like this all over her mentions lead her to make the decision to leave Twitter, saying she "can't subject myself any longer to the hate."

In a second letter, this time addressing the racist backlash, Kordei mentioned the fact that she's "not the first Black female celebrity to deal with this" and that sadly she's sure she "won't be the last." She continued to say that, "Hiding behind a computer and putting people down, especially for their skin color doesn't make you cool, it makes you a coward!"

Read Kordei's entire letter below:

Fans showed incredible support, retweeting her message over 35,000 times and adding their own words of love and gratitude for her bravery.

Cabello also took to Twitter to defend her bandmate:

It's truly disheartening to see the continued attack of Black female celebrities on social media. Thankfully, Twitter came to Kordei's defense with an incredible outpouring of support.

Hopefully Kordei makes a swift return to Twitter, and the racists who drove her away will be made to suffer consequences for their actions.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


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