Here's What Frank Ocean Is Doing While We Wait on His Album

Here's What Frank Ocean Is Doing While We Wait on His Album

A wild Frank Ocean appears.

Published August 12, 2016

With Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated album still nowhere to be seen after months of speculated release dates, the elusive artist has wisely been keeping a low profile as of late.

With fans showcasing less and less chill as time goes on (such as threatening to kidnap his brother), eyes have been on Ocean and his family like never before.

In a new clip posted on his mom, Katonya Breaux’s Instagram, she’s reveals what her son has been up to in the absence of releasing his music: spending time with his family.

The brief video clip, captioned “embarrassing my kids is my favorite pastime!!!,” is absolutely adorable, showcasing her extremely talented son hiding at first and then moving away to speak to a waiter in what presumably is a restaurant in New York City.

As Ocean’s fans grow even more impatient and irrational, hopefully he'll release his new album soon before things get any more out of hand.

Check out his mom’s too-cute post below.

Embarrassing my kids is my favorite pastime!!! #nyclife #dontgivemomanymorewine

A video posted by Katonya Breaux (@katonya1) on

Written by KC Orcutt

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