Divorce Report Has Jhene Responding And Kid Cudi Defending His Friend

Divorce Report Has Jhene Responding And Kid Cudi Defending His Friend

The tea keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Published August 12, 2016

Jhene Aiko shocked those closely following her personal life this week — namely her relationship status particularly with frequent collaborator Big Sean — when she reportedly filed for divorce yesterday (August 11).

Following the news of her separation from producer Dot Da Genius, everyone has eyes glued to see if the divorce means she’ll finally address the summer’s hottest rumor that she and Big Sean are more than just friends who make beautiful music together. 

The singer was caught creeping in her mentions on Twitter, when she had enough and chose to respond to one fan’s tweet assuming she cheated on her soon-to-be ex-husband, while also being one who sings about such a subject and the pain it causes.

“How are u a journalist that doesn’t do proper research,” she snapped back. “Let me guess… ur credible source is the internet?”

She then went on to comment that people are “dragging their damn selves” and that “people use the internet as their bible, all [she] can do is pray for them.”

These comments mark Aiko’s first time publicly addressing some of the shade being thrown her way on social media following her divorce announcement, and of course, her fans were quick to screenshot the heated interactions. 

Meanwhile, on another phone screen far, far away, Kid Cudi was found commenting on the matter and defending his friend, Dot Da Genius, when a fan dug up a now-ironic throwback tweet of Cudi warning Aiko not to “hurt” his friend.

After one Twitter user brought attention to the old tweet, Cudi responded adding a few more thoughts on their fleeting relationship.

“The funny thing is, we ain’t sweatin these bum b****es and these corn ball a** n****s,” the artist tweeted. “We too busy makin better music.”

Before signing off, he also added, “I will ether anyone for my family.”

Looks like both Aiko and Cudi are not here for being pressed on social media today.

Check out the respective screen grabs below.

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Written by KC Orcutt


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