PARTYNEXTDOOR Has Finally Opened Up About Kehlani

PARTYNEXTDOOR Has Finally Opened Up About Kehlani

He details how this year "the best and the worst" things happened.

Published August 16, 2016

This past Friday (August 12) saw the release of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s highly anticipated P3 project, which has since been met with high praise.

Along with the release, the rapper-singer penned a sincere note to fans stating he is making an effort to be less elusive and be a little bit more open with those that support his music. Keeping that promise, PND recently sat down with Rolling Stone, finally opening up about the situation with Kehlani and how, this year, “the best and worst things happened at once.”

Earlier this year, one Instagram photo resulted in R&B songstress Kehlani’s world being turned upside down as rumors that she cheated on then-boyfriend Kyrie Irving with PARTYNEXTDOOR escalated until the singer reportedly tried to take her own life.

Since then, it has been a healing year for all parties involved, with PND finally speaking up about the painful experience months later.

“I regret how it went down,” he says. “Big time I regret how it went down. I look into people’s eyes, and I know they think I’m a bad guy. There’s a lot of details that people don’t know.”

Kehlani later spoke up defending herself amid the rumors, stating that “everyone is hurt and everyone is in a place of misunderstanding.”

PARTYNEXTDOOR is working through being what he admits is “unhappy,” admitting, “It was a blue year for me.”

“I thought, ‘Write a hit, you’ll be rich and happy,’” he adds. “Meet one of the most beautiful girls in the world, one of the most talented, and I’ll be happy. All of that: I’m not happy.”

Luckily, we all trust his music to be therapeutic for him and hopefully he can continue to turn some of his low points into incredible music coming from a sincere, honest place.

Check out his interview with Rolling Stone in full here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo; Johnny Nunez/WireImage, Michael Stewart/WireImage)


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