The Barack Obama Mixtape You Always Wanted Is Here

US President Barack Obama attends the East Asia Summit Plenary Session at the Myanmar International Convention Center in Myanmar's capital Naypyidaw on November 13, 2014.  Fears that Myanmar's reforms are stagnating are in the spotlight as it hosts US President Barack Obama on November 13 during major regional summits showcasing the country's giddying transition from army-led isolation to international player.    AFP PHOTO / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT        (Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Barack Obama Mixtape You Always Wanted Is Here

Get down with another POTUS playlist.

Published August 19, 2016

We all know that Barack Obama is no stranger to knowing the importance of a quality playlist.

From curating his own summer playlist at Spotify to hosting countless musicians at the White House to discuss matters of cultural significance to admittedly warming up to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” Obama time and time again has lived up to his reputation as America’s first hip-hop president. We can't forget about the impeccable music tastes of the rest of the family either. 

Obama’s recent playlist at Spotify, which was divided into music fit for day and night listening, respectfully, has inspired a DJ duo to blend the tracks into a more polished mix.

MICK and Chi Duly were big fans of the president’s selections (as were we) and decided to try their hand at making a more cohesive rendition of the playlist in a professional mixtape, with remixes and all. 

Cue the vibes for this weekend and press play on the mixtape version of Obama’s summer playlist below.

Written by KC Orcutt



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