Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Goes in on Drake, Says Meek Mill Is a Better Rapper

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Goes in on Drake, Says Meek Mill Is a Better Rapper

Everybody's weighing in on this today.

Published August 22, 2016

Drake touched down in the hometown turf of his longstanding partner-in-beef, Meek Mill, yesterday (August 21) for the Philadelphia stop of the Summer ’16 tour. 

After the 6 God used the opportunity to further diss his rival rapper, some of Meek Mill’s loyal fans were ready to really cause a scene outside the venue. Nothing crazy happened, but as a result of the almost-altercation, fans of both rappers have taken to social media to sound off on the fact that their rivalry is still alive and well, even possibly growing pettier as time goes on.

Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 fame also took the recent events as an opportunity to remind everyone his thoughts on Drake, and it may or may not be surprising whose side he’s on.

Taking to Twitter, the radio host went off on a little rant, which isn’t too out of the blue considering Drake fired shots first that hit close to home for Rosenberg, when Drizzy suggested that the radio station get rid of Funkmaster Flex. From there, things escalated when co-host Ebro spilled a little tea that ignited rumors Eminem was coming for Drake, which eventually led to the two rappers sharing a stage in Detroit

Needless to say, it’s been quite the interesting summer with lots to discuss. Peter Rosenberg, however, isn’t done and shared his opinion that while he doesn’t “hate Drake,” he feels as though the rapper’s attempts to “be hard” are “LAME.”

“I don’t hate Drake at all…” Rosenberg writes. “He’s super talented and has taken hip-hop to a great place… but trying to be hard and stir things up is LAME.”

He also went on to say that Drake should know better than to reignite his beef with Meek Mill, because in Rosenberg’s eyes, Drake is going to be the one to take the L’s.

“There was NO need for @Drake to reignite things with Meek,” he continued. “He’s always been realer than you… your content is MEANINGLESS.”

Ending his rant with, “you’re an actor bro.. you’re as soft as me,” Rosenberg has successfully riled up supporters from each respective party, with one user going as far as to say that he no longer has respect for the radio host as a result of his stern stance regarding the Meek Mill vs. Drake war.

Rosenberg went on to clarify that he feels Drake is an "entertainer" and Meek Mill is a "rapper," and truth be told, we could definitely see how that's one intelligible way to put it. 

Check out the heated commentary in the screen grabs below.

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Written by KC Orcutt

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