Does Kodak Black Have Another Charge on His Hands?

Press Handout (Photo: Atlantic Records)

Does Kodak Black Have Another Charge on His Hands?

Looks like the rapper isn't going to be released from jail anytime soon.

Published August 23, 2016

Kodak Black has been facing some seriously grim days in the past week.

Last week, the likelihood of the rapper being released from jail decreased significantly, when two old warrants surfaced. As a result, the Black was denied bail and is set to remain in jail until further notice.

As reported today (August 23), Kodak Black has been accused of sexual battery.

The newly revealed accusation comes amid the investigation into the rapper’s old outstanding warrants, and according to reports, he allegedly committed sexual battery in South Carolina back in February of this year. The incident reportedly took place at a hotel.

Kodak Black has spent the last three months in jail for armed robbery and false imprisonment. It is currently unclear when he will be released from prison. An investigation into his other possible charges as a result of the warrants remains ongoing. 

Check out Sun-Sentinel reporter Brett Clarkson’s tweets breaking the news below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Atlantic Records)


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