Here's What Cam'ron Has to Say About Jay Z in 2016

Here's What Cam'ron Has to Say About Jay Z in 2016

Things seem to be cooling off between them.

Published August 24, 2016

It seems like Cam’ron’s getting a bit more introspective about his life and career recently. He buried his on-going beef with 50 Cent, deaded his issues with Nas and now may even be trying to put aside his differences with Jay Z.

In a recent ThisIs50 interview, Cam’ron described his current relationship with his former Roc-A-Fella Records boss and says no matter what, he has a lot of respect for Hova.

“I respect what Jay Z (has) done for the culture,” he explained. “I’m proud of them n****s man, because a lot of times people don’t get to see people where we come from make it that far.” He continued by detailing how he’s moved on from a lot of things that happened in his past. “At the end of the day, it’s like, I could still be ignorant and be me, but for what? A lot of time, n****s is stuck in a time warp, to where it’s like, this is what went on in your high school career so you’re stuck in that.”

Speaking of 50 Cent, Cam explained why he decided to end his beef with the Effen Vodka-promoting rapper and says their feud was simply over music.

“A lot of issues was music, it wasn’t really a big deal,” Cam said of all his older beefs. “That was 10 years ago. Me and 50 had a conversation, we good.”

Sounds like Cam’ron’s ready to move on. Check out the full interview segment between ThisIs50 and Killa below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Reebok, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)


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